Meanwhile in Mariupol

alarm 4 mars 2023 - 31 augusti 2023

Six women from Mariupol share their experiences of the war, accompanied by photographs by Ukrainian journalist Viacheslav Tverdokhlib.

Since Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, Mariupol has played an important strategic role in the Russian-Ukrainian war. This exhibition features photographs by Mariupol-born Viacheslav Tverdokhlib. During the blockade, he lived in a cellar while at the same time recording the city decay. The exhibition also includes the stories of six women from Mariupol, who share their experiences of the war. Each of them has chosen a photo from Tverdokhlib’s collection, and from that narrated their own experiences with texts and photos.

Exhibition duration

March 4th – August 31st 2023 at The Army Museum, Stockholm.
March 4th – August 31st 2023 at The Swedish Air Force Museum, Linköping.


The exhibition is a collaboration between the National Swedish Museums of Military History, the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War, the Nordic Ukraine Forum, the Ukrainian Association of Östergötland and – above all – the individuals who shared their experiences of the siege of Mariupol in 2022.

English translations of the exhibition

The exhibition is in Swedish and Ukranian. But on this website you can find English translations of all texts in the exhibition.

Entrance fee

Everyone with a valid Ukrainian passport is offered free admission to this exhibition.